How to Make a 3 Page Pamphlet in Microsoft Word

By Elyse James

Three page pamphlets, more commonly known as tri-fold pamphlets, are not complicated to produce in Microsoft Word. These steps are relatively the same no matter what version of Word you are running, but this tutorial will be based on Microsoft Word 2010. If you don't have Microsoft Word 2010, just look for similar tabs in the version you do have.

Step 1

Open a new document in Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Select the "Page Layout" tab. Under this tab you will see several options regarding the setup of your document.

Step 3

Select "Orientation" from the list of options. Your page should now be flipped on its side.

Step 4

Select the "Columns" drop down menu and set your page to three columns. To see where you will be folding the pamphlet, select "More Columns" from the drop down menu and check the "line between" option. You will want to uncheck this box right before printing so you do not get a line on your final document.

Step 5

Type the contents of your pamphlet. Remember that you will need to print on both sides of the paper to make your pamphlet complete. On the first page, the three columns will be inside the pamphlet once it is folded. On the second page, the far right column will be the front cover, the middle column will be the back page and the leftmost column will be folded inside the pamphlet.

Step 6

Select the "Margins" drop down menu and choose narrow margins. This will bring your text closer to the edge of the paper and give you less white space.

Step 7

Print both pages of your pamphlet, making sure the sections match up for folding.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most versions of Word come with a pamphlet preset. This can be found when you create a new document, under document templates
  • Don't forget to remove the line between the columns or you will have ugly lines on your finished product!