How to Make a Bootable CD With Power ISO

By Alizarin Black

The ISO file format allows users to create a virtual backup of their CDs and DVDs on their computer's hard drive. Your CD and DVD content is stored as an ISO as well as its boot information, enabling you to create a physical copy if needed.

Step 1

Download and install PowerISO (see Resources) if you do not already have the software.

Step 2

Launch the PowerISO software program.

Step 3

Click "New" on the toolbar or “File>New>Data CD/DVD Image."

Step 4

Click "Add" on the toolbar and add files or folders.

Step 5

Select the menu "Action>New Folder" to make a new folder.

Step 6

Select the menu "File>Properties" to edit the ISO file properties.

Step 7

Select “File>Save As…” or click “Save” on the toolbar.

Step 8

Select the menu "Tools>Boot>Add Boot Information" to load the bootable image file.

Step 9

Save the ISO as a "Standard ISO Images (*.iso)" file.

Step 10

Burn the ISO to a blank DVD or CD.