How to Make a DSL Modem Faster

By George Lawrence

A digital subscriber line (DSL) is a way to connect to the Internet. DSL uses a phone line and is faster than a dial-up connection. Because DSL occupies your private phone line, it tends to allow for a more private and secure way to connect to the Internet. Although DSL is slower than a broadband cable connection, there are ways to increase the speed of your DSL line.

Things You'll Need

  • DSL modem
  • Computer
  • POTS splitter

Step 1

Purchase a "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) splitter. These devices can typically be purchased at an electronics outlet or over the Internet.

Step 2

Locate the point at which your telephone line is wired to enter your home. The line will have been wired through a box called the network interface device.

Step 3

Mount the POTS splitter next to the network interface device. Follow the installation instructions that accompany the POTS splitter; different splitters require different methods to mount them properly.

Step 4

Remove the wire for your DSL modem.

Step 5

Reconnect the wire that was removed into the POTS splitter. This action will shorten the connection between your DSL signal from the telephone company to your modem. By doing so, you will increase the speed of the DSL modem.

Step 6

Download DSL Speed software, such as DSL Speed. Install the software and run the program. These programs will optimize your DSL connection and make your DSL perform faster.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although there are ways to increase the speed of your DSL line, it may not reach the speed of a broadband connection.