How to Make a Form in Excel

By Emily Beach

Excel is a software program used for creating spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be used to organize data and perform calculations. In organizations that require data entry into a specific format, it can be useful to create a form in Excel that can be used by all employees to standardize the process. Creating a form will not only ensure every user is doing things the same way, it will make the data entry process easier and result in fewer mistakes.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel software

Step 1

Turn on your computer and open the Excel program. A blank workbook will automatically open at start-up.

Step 2

Create your form the way you'd like it to appear, including entering formulas.

Step 3

Format the form using borders, shading, color and text formatting until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Step 4

Unlock the cells where you'd like users to be able to enter data. To do so, select these cells, then click "Format/Cells/Protection" and make sure the "Locked" feature is not checked.

Step 5

Select your print area. To make the process even simpler for users, select the area of the spreadsheet that should be included when printing, then click "File/Select print area".

Step 6

Protect your form from changes. The final step to creating a form in Excel is to protect the form by clicking "Tools/Protect/Protect Sheet". After you do this, users will only be able to change the cells you selected, making all of your labels, formulas and other fields safe from changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Teach users to use the "Tab" key to shift between fields for ease of use.