How to Make a Homemade Movie Projector

By Chris Moore

With a homemade movie projector, you can project your favorite videos onto a cinema-size screen. All you need to do is connect your video player to something that will project the image.

Things You'll Need

  • Video playerSound systemTV set or video monitorCardboardScissorsDuct tapeFresnel lens

Step 1

Connect your DVR, DVD player or VCR to a TV with a 19- to 23-inch screen. Use the best connection possible: HDMI, component, composite or RF coaxial.

Step 2

Build a cardboard box frame that will contain your TV screen. The frame should be the screen's height and width and about 45 centimeters long. Paint all the cardboard pieces black before taping them together. Tape the box to the screen, making sure no light escapes through any cracks.

Step 3

Cut another cardboard piece the same size as the TV screen. Cut a 17-centimeter hole into the piece and attach a fresnel lens. Place this piece containing the lens into the projector frame.

Step 4

Place the TV upside down on a table or stand, as the lens will invert the image. Point the monitor toward a blank wall and play a video. Adjust the TV's location until the projected image is the size you want, and then adjust the lens inside the projector until the image is in focus.

Step 5

Connect the projector assembly to a sound system if you're not using a TV or you don't want to use the TV's speakers. Connect the video source (e.g., DVR, DVD, VCR) to a surround sound system or another speaker set.

Tips & Warnings

  • Tape a white sheet to a blank wall to make a homemade movie screen on which to project your videos.