How to Make a Kiss Face on Text

By Cate Girone

Today, most smartphones come with the ability to attach actual drawings or animated graphics of different smiley faces to text messages. If you have an older phone or if you simply want to type out your own kiss face emoticon, there are several easy ways to create the emoticon by using normal keyboard characters.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell Phone With SMS Texting Service Plan

Step 1

Open up a new text message in your cell phone so you have a place to type out your emoticon.

Step 2

Use a colon (:) or semi-colon (;) for the eyes, depending on whether or not you want your kiss face to be winking. A semi-colon looks more like a wink, while a colon looks like normal eyes.

Step 3

Decide whether or not you want your kiss face emoticon to have a nose. A typical nose choise is a dash (-) but you can be creative and give your emoticon a larger nose (o) or no nose at all.

Step 4

Finish off your kiss face with the most important part -- the mouth. An asterisk (*) is the typical kiss-face mouth symbol. Your finished product should look something like this :-* or this ;*