How to Make a Map for Driving Directions

By Jess Jones

With global positioning systems coming standard in vehicles, the art of drawing a map for driving directions has gone by the wayside. The boom of Internet mapping sites has also lessened the need for a good old hand-drawn map. It seems as though only a few individuals who send out invitations to parties and events still draw and copy maps. Perhaps there are only two reasons left for drawing maps: for those who are away from all technology and need directions, and for educational purposes.

Step 1

Draw two points on a sheet of paper. Label one as “A” and the other as “B.” These points represent the starting and ending locations of the directions.

Step 2

Begin to draw the roads between the two points. Start from point A and finish at point B. Take care to label each road and draw them in the appropriate shapes. For instance, if there is a curve in a road to the left, draw the path on your map that curves to the left.

Step 3

Draw in common landmarks along the path between points A and B. Things such as banks, post offices, restaurants and parks usually work well as landmarks. Label each landmark.

Step 4

Draw a compass on the bottom left corner of your map. The compass should include north, south, east and west.

Step 5

Include notes on the map if there are hazardous spots on the path, such as sharp turns or construction areas.