How to Make a Personal MSN Web Page

By Ann Olson

Instead of viewing the default MSN web page after logging into, users can customize it to display custom content, articles, videos and other widgets. Here are some simple tips for creating a personal MSN web page that includes information you want to see.

Things You'll Need

  • Hotmail email account

Step 1

Log into My MSN, located at Enter in your email address and password to access the website. If you do not have an MSN email account, register for a free account at After you log in, the website will automatically redirect to My MSN's default web page. You are now ready to create your new MSN personal web page.

Step 2

Look for the +Add a Page option next to the "My Page" button. It is located in the top left corner. Click on it and another box will pop up, which displays theme options for creating your personal MSN web page. It also allows you to name your web page, choose from a pre-made template or create a customized web page from scratch. Enter a name into the name field and click on the "Blank Page" button. Click "OK" to move on to the next step.

Step 3

The "Add Content" page will pop up. Another link, "Choose From MSN Recommended Sources," is underneath this header. Click on the link to begin making your personal MSN web page.

Step 4

You will be at the "MSN Recommends" page, which lists MSN-approved widgets and content. If you want to add functionality to your web page, click on the "MSN Tools" tab. This allows you to add bookmarked content, your Hotmail account, Windows Live Messenger and Yellow Pages. Click the "Add" link at the bottom of each widget to add it automatically to your MSN web page.

Step 5

If you want to use your personal MSN web page to view news and updates from other websites, click on the links listed with the "MSN Tools" tab on the left toolbar. There are several categories to choose from, including Business, Entertainment, and Shopping. The widget listed under each category explains its use. For example, the Business tab lists job search engines and RSS feeds from MSNBC, whereas the Shopping tab lists Ebay auctions, coupons and shopping deals from local retailers. Add as many widgets as you like. Make sure to click the "Add" link to add it to your web page.

Step 6

Return to your personal web page by clicking the "Back to My Page" button, located in the top left hand corner of the MSN Recommends web page. At the next screen, click on the tab listing your customized web page. In the first example, we named our first web page Example Page, so there should be an Example Page tab next to the My Page tab.

Step 7

Customize your page further by moving content around (left click on the widget, hold down your mouse button, and drag to the appropriate area) or add more content by clicking on the MSN Recommends page. You can also make changes later on--simply log into your MSN account and click on the customized web page's tab.

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