How to Make a Pie Chart in Word

By Filonia LeChat

The individual programs in the Microsoft Office Suite are designed to work together, even when you only use one at a time. Making visual aids such as pie charts in Microsoft Word, for example, allows you to use the features of Microsoft Excel while remaining within the Word workspace. Word's pie chart function operates within the bounds of Excel, allowing you to customize every part of the pie chart while seeing instant updates to your graphic on the Word document page.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Click the "Insert" tab. Click the "Chart" button on the ribbon.

Step 2

Scroll to the "Pie" chart section and click one of the pie chart options. Click the "OK" button. The "Insert Chart" window closes and the "Chart in Microsoft Office Word -- Microsoft Excel" window opens. Drag the Excel window to the side or to another monitor so you can see both document. A generic placeholder pie chart appears on the Word page.

Step 3

Click the "Sales" cell in the Excel window and type the pie chart title -- "Miles walked this week," for example.

Step 4

Click each of the header cells in column "A" and replace their names with the names you want to use for the various sections of the pie chart.

Step 5

Click each of the data cells in column "B" and type the figures that you want to use for the slices of the pie chart.

Step 6

Add additional pieces to the pie chart by right-clicking any of the four columns in Excel, selecting "Insert" and adding the column header and data cells.

Step 7

Click the red "X" in the Excel window's upper right corner to close it. The Word pie chart adjusts automatically.

Step 8

Scroll through the options on the green "Chart Tools" tab in Word. Select a new color scheme for the pie chart from the "Chart Styles" section of the ribbon, if desired.