How to Make a See-through Shirt in Photoshop

By Filonia LeChat

When experimenting with textures, colors and transparency, let Adobe Photoshop be your guide. Photoshop offers complete control over opacity in its images, with a dedicated gray and white checkerboard screen for working with see-through designs. To make items such as see-through clothing, use an existing image as your jumping off point and simply dial down the opacity. Photoshop's tools will have you seeing, or not seeing, clearly.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop. Click the "File" menu. Click "Open." Browse to the photo to use to make a see-through shirt and double-click its file name.

Step 2

Click the "Lasso" tool on the "Tools" column. Draw an outline around the person's shirt in the picture. When blinking marching lines appear, right-click inside them and select "Layer via Copy."

Step 3

Review the new Layer 1 layer in the "Layers" palette on the right side of the screen.

Step 4

Click the eyeball to the left of the Background layer to hide the layer and show just the T-shirt.

Step 5

Slide the "Opacity" bar on the top-right of the "Layers" window to the left, increasing the transparency of the shirt. The Photoshop gray and white canvas background symbolizes transparency. The further to the left or closer to zero percentage, the more transparent the shirt.

Step 6

Click the eyeball again to bring back the Background layer, which obscures the transparent shirt since the layer is in full color. Right-click the Background layer, select "Delete Layer" and click "Yes." The layer is deleted and you are left with just the see-through shirt to add to another image or continue to work with on this document.

Step 7

Click the "File" menu. Click "Save As." Type a new name for the image. Pull down the "Format" menu and click "GIF." Click the "Save" button.