How to Make a URL Clickable in an Email

By braniac

Email settings and how to. Making a URL clickable in an email.

Things You'll Need

  • Email, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Outlook express, Eudora, any mail client.

Step 1

Hey All, First things first as you are typing up the email depending on the email client, when you type in a url, such as, or, if you press enter right after and move to the next line this will almost always create that. See the screen shot. In this example all I did was type up the URL, and press enter, this also works by pressing the space bar.

Step 2

If after doing so you still do not get the URL option, it is very likely that the settings have you listing it as a text email as opposed to an html email. This setting can be changed.The feature is generally under the options tab. So in outlook, click on the "tools" menu at the top and scroll the mouse down to options. Then Click on "options" Refer to screen shot. The options in each email client will be different for yahoo, and Hotmail the choice is Mail options or just options.

Step 3

Once in the options section click on "Mail Format" or if you are using yahoo or MSN, look for something that says Mail format o type of mail, and you will see it most likely says Text is the type of email if the above steps in step one do not work.There is an option under mail format to change the format, simply select Html format, and then click apply or click OK depending on the email client. Once complete type up a new email, and press enter after typing up the link, and you should be all set.

Tips & Warnings

  • Each Email client is different so be sure to check for the Mail format and options if you cannot find it for some reason, try using the help menu, but most options on any email client is easily available.
  • Always Make a backup before changing or doing anything on a computer.
  • In this case, be careful that as you are testing out the settings and the emails, you do accidentally send to someone you don't want to see.
  • Use a secondary email address to test out the settings.