How to Make a Webpage Full Screen

By Morgan O'Connor

There might come a time when you are visiting a website and would like to expand it to make it occupy the full screen. Even if you maximize the window, the address and tool bars at the top of the browser and the computer's tool bar at the bottom of the screen take up valuable space---especially if you are trying to view large pictures or have a small computer screen. Fortunately, you can expand a web page to take up the entire screen of your computer.

Step 1

Open your preferred browser and direct it to the website you want to view full-screen.

Step 2

Press your "F11" button. This is generally located in a row of buttons above the row of numbers on your keyboard. If you do not see it there, look on the rest of your keyboard. Depending on your keyboard, it could be on another button where you have to hold down the "function" (or "fn") key while pressing this other button. This will make the web page take up the full screen of your computer.

Step 3

Press your "F11" button (or "function" or "fn" and the other button you found previously) to restore your browser to its previous size.