How to Make a Wireless Network Faster

By Kefa Olang

Using wireless routers and wireless cards or adapters, you can get your computer on the Internet without the clutter of wires. But there are times when connection speeds are too slow because of a low signal strength. There are several simple steps you can take to improve signal strength and make wireless networking faster.

Step 1

Position your wireless router in a central location away from walls and static electricity, which can interfere with wireless signals.

Step 2

Position the wireless router on an elevated surface and away from metallic surfaces. Do not place the wireless router on the floor.

Step 3

Replace your wireless routers antenna. Use high-gain antennas that can detect weaker signals, allowing better connectivity.

Step 4

Update your wireless routers drivers. Depending on the model that you have, check the manufacturer's website for driver updates and install them.

Step 5

Add wireless repeaters, which are able to extend the wireless coverage without installing additional wires. The wireless repeaters are placed between the wireless wireless router and your computer, instantly boosting the wireless signal strength.

Step 6

Upgrade your hardware from 802.11b to 802.11g. The 802.11g technology will increase the speed about 5 times more than 802.11b and it has improved security.

Step 7

Use a WEP password when setting up your wireless router to prevent others from connecting to and using your wireless connection. This is especially helpful in apartment and condo complexes where homes are closely knit together.

Step 8

Replace the wireless adapter on your computer or laptop. Use high-gain G-wireless adapters to increase the signal strength and speed up your connections.