How to Make Custom Barcodes With MS Excel

By Stephanie Ellen

A barcode is a code placed on consumer goods or products. It can be used for sales purposes, for inventory, or as part of an information-management policy in your company. A barcode is made up of vertical bars and a series of numbers. It identifies your product or document as a unique item. The option to insert a barcode into an MS Excel spreadsheet is only available if you have Excel 2007.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel 2007

Step 1

Click on the location of your document in the Quick Launch toolbar.

Step 2

Point the cursor to the name of the document you want and then click the arrow that appears.

Step 3

Click on "Edit in Microsoft Office Excel." The document will open.

Step 4

Place your cursor where you want to insert the barcode.

Step 5

Click on "Insert" and then click on "Barcode."

Tips & Warnings

  • If the name of the library you want to use isn't in the Quick Launch toolbar, click on "View All Site Content" and then click on your library name.