How to Make Greeting Cards in Photoshop

By Chad Buleen

Photoshop is a multi-faceted software that allows users to do everything from editing photos to creating documents. If you want to make greeting cards in Photoshop, understand that although Photoshop can certainly help create a greeting card, it is not necessarily the best program for creating these cards. Despite this, effective and attractive greeting cards can be created with Photoshop.

Step 1

Open a new document in Photoshop by opening the program and selecting "file" and "new" on the toolbar on the top left of the page. After the file has been opened, the size of the page must be set to be half the size of a normal piece of paper, since it will be folded. Therefore, the page size should be 4.25 by 5.5 inches. Also, select a 0.25-inch border around the page

Step 2

Select a background color. You can select any background color you like, but many people choose to go with white because it allows them to add color to the elements on the page. For those who want to use white, nothing needs to be done in this step. To create a background of a different color, go to the toolbar and navigate to "view" and select "colors." Choose a color for the background by selecting any of the colors that appear in the palette.

Step 3

Make a new page by pressing "Ctrl" and "N" together. Make the page the same size as the page opened in Step 1. In the layers palette, click on this page and name it "Inside." This will be the part of the card that will be the inside of the card.

Step 4

Bring the Background page to the front by clicking anywhere on it. Insert text, an image or both. For text, select the textbox tool in the toolbox on the left-hand side of the page. Draw a box by dragging this tool most of the way across the page and about a quarter down the page. The greeting card message of "Congratulations," "Merry Christmas," "Happy Birthday" and the like will be placed here.Type the words desired into this box. Use the font viewer in the toolbar to change the font size and style to suit the card.Insert an image by selecting the image box tool from the tool box and drawing a box where the image will be placed on the page. Then navigate to "edit" and then "place image" to put the image where it belongs. Select the arrow tool from the tool box to increase or decrease the image size by dragging on a corner.

Step 5

Create the inside of the card by inserting text and images as you please. Follow the process outlined in the previous Step. Remember that when drawing text boxes and image boxes, that there should be alignment on the page. Scattered text and images will make the page appear messy.

Step 6

Print the pages one at a time. The first page printed should be the Background page. After this page has been printed, insert the page back into the printer and print the "inside" page. This will allow the card to come out as one element instead of two pieces of paper. Fold the card, place in an envelope and send.

Tips & Warnings

  • When dragging on a corner of an image, hold down the "shift" key as you drag. This will allow the image to retain its proper dimensions.
  • A single image and a short phrase on the cover of the card should be sufficient. Doing too much to the card could detract from its attractiveness and make it harder to read.