How to Make Invitation Cards Online

By Techwalla Contributor

Inviting people to your soiree has never been easier. Don't like the cookie cutter invitations at your local discount store? Make your own, without spending a fortune. You now have online options for making free invitation cards, and these sites will help you every step of the way. You can send them via email for free, or some sites even offer you the option of purchasing your printed invitations if you want to send them though the traditional mail.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Printer
  • Paper, preferably card stock

Step 1

Choose a website that offers free invitations. Go to your search engine, and type in "free online invitations." Browse the sites that pop up to see which one meets your needs. Almost all of them require that you sign up for a free account. This typically just requires your name, email address and a password.

Step 2

Once you have created your account, look on the website for the icon that allows you to create an invitation. It should be easy to notice. Click on the icon.

Step 3

Follow the prompts. The website will then prompt you as to what to do to create an invitation. This will vary from site to site, but mostly, you will be asked to choose the occasion for which you need the invitation. This will bring up your choice of appropriate backgrounds for the occasion.

Step 4

Choose the invitation you want. The site will display templates of invitation cards which you can customize according to your taste. Free accounts are usually limited in their invitation choices; however, some sites allow you to sign up for a paid membership that offers more options. Click on the design you prefer.

Step 5

Customize your invitation. The site will then ask you to fill in the information for your invitation. The amount of text you can include may vary from site to site and invitation to invitation. Remember, you can always change your design anytime if you don't like it.

Step 6

Decide how you want to send your invitations. Some sites only allow you to send your customized invitations through email, so keep that in mind when choosing a site. However, these sites do allow your guests to instantly RSVP and help you keep track of who's replied and who hasn't. Some sites will allow you to print the invitation on your printer, and some will allow you to purchase the printed invitations through the site.

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