How to Make Labels?

Most word processors designed to be used with the Windows operating system include templates for creating labels. Most are based on the Avery brand of label sizes, although the templates can be used with generic brands, such as Quill or Office Depot, providing they are the same size. Labels can be plain text, or they can include artwork. The choice is up to the creator, and with the wide variety of fonts and clip art available, labels can be created to suit any need.

Opening the Label Templates

Click on "File" from the top text menu of your word processor. Click on "New" or "New Document from Template" from the options given. A large list of available labels templates will appear on your screen. Look for the template for the size of labels you want to make. Select the template and click "OK" on the screen. Depending on your word processor, you will either get a full screen page with the labels laid out in a table or you will get a wizard screen.

Full Page Label Screen

If your software presents you with a full screen label layout, type the information into the first label. You can change fonts and add clip art of pictures if you desire. When you have the label looking just like you want, copy the entire label by right clicking with your mouse and copying the information in the label. Click in the second label and right click to paste the information into the field. Repeat for the remaining labels on the page. Click on "Print" from the File menu and designate the number of pages you want to print.

Using the Wizard

Older versions of Word and other word processors will present you with a Label Wizard when you choose the label size from the template screen. The Wizard will ask if you want to print a single label or a page full of the same label. Make your choice and then fill out the text box of the wizard with the information you want in the label. You can add clip art or pictures if desired.

Using Stand-Alone Software

Avery provides free stand-alone software that is simple and easy to use. Download the program from the Avery website and install it on your computer. Click on the program icon on your desktop and follow the onscreen instructions for creating dozens of different types and styles of labels from mailing lists to DVD and CD labels.

Other Ways to Create Labels offers templates that can be used either online or downloaded to create dozens of different label styles. allows you to create many styles of labels and have them printed and mailed to your home. Their prices are reasonable, and the labels will be delivered in a week to 10 days.