How to Make Receipts

By Carl Hose

You can purchase receipt books in just about any office supply store, but the cost of making your own receipts is much lower and could save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word or OpenOffice

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word, and click on the "New" command. Choose to create a new document from a template. Scroll down to the "Receipts" category, and browse the templates to find the one that most closely suits your needs.

Step 2

Double click the receipt template you want. If you use OpenOffice, visit the OpenOffice templates page and download the a receipt template (see Resources).

Step 3

Make personal adjustments to the receipt template. The templates are already made for many standard purposes, but you can select, delete and replace the text with your own. Customize the text to suit your business.

Step 4

Add a graphic or logo. Use the "Insert" menu, and choose "Picture" or "Clipart." Select the file or image you want.

Step 5

Add a border to your receipt using the "Page Layout" menu and choosing "Page Borders." You can also insert a watermark on your receipt for a more personalized appearance. Consider creating a watermark of your company logo by setting a high transparency on the image so it is barely visible.

Step 6

The standard receipt template includes three per page. Print your receipts using the color paper of your choice. You can use folder stock to cut a cover for your receipts and restickable glue to bind your receipts into a booklet. Or simply keep them separate.