How to Make Satellite Internet Faster

By Missy J. Talbot

Satellite Internet is a connection that comes through a satellite system, meaning you are not connected to a cable or phone network. If you have satellite Internet, there are a few ways to make the connection run faster and more smoothly.

Step 1

Refocus your Satellite antenna or receiver. Contact your satellite Internet company and ask which direction it should be facing. It could have put up a new tower closer to you or have a different location to point the satellite. You can also ask for a technician to come to your home and refocus it. This can make the signal stronger.

Step 2

Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask if you are paying for the fastest Internet service. If you aren’t, consider upgrading. At the same time, while you have the ISP on the phone, ask if your modem and router are the newest versions. If not, consider upgrading. Even small adjustments can make Internet connections faster.

Step 3

Upgrade the firmware that goes along with your hardware. You’ll need to do this on your Internet Service Provider’s website. Find the section of their website labeled “options” or “upgrades” and then choose “Firmware upgrade.” This usually results in a period of downtime for your Internet, so its best to try this when you won’t need to be online for awhile. When the upgrade is complete, your service will run faster.