How to Make Someone an Admin on Facebook Invitations

By Contributing Writer

Facebook is a free social network used by over 36 million people in the United States alone. Members can join networks based on school, city, workplace and region. The invitation application allows event organizers to send out an invitation to friends on Facebook, as well as users without accounts.

Step 1

Log into Facebook and "Create an event" or "Edit an event" by clicking on the "Events" icon in the application box on the right sidebar.

Step 2

Fill out all of the requested information that applies to your event under the "Event info" tab including location, type of function and date.

Step 3

Under the "Guest list" tab invite any person you would like to make an Admin on the Facebook invitation.

Step 4

Contact the person you asked to be an Admin to ask them to reply that they are attending.

Step 5

Once that person has replied, log into the event and click on the "Guest list" tab. Next to your confirmed guest there will be a link to link to "Make admin." This will promote that person to an event administrator.

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