How to Make Subtitles in Adobe Premiere

By David Clair

Adobe Premiere is a powerful video-editing program that can accomplish a wide range of customization and fine-tuning operations. One such operation is adding subtitles that appear on the screen as the video is playing, usually matching what is being said by the actors or presenters. Adding subtitles to a video in Adobe Premiere involves editing individual tracks, which can be a time-consuming process for long videos.

Step 1

Open your Adobe Premier video project and click "Title" on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click "Default Still" and "OK."

Step 3

Click inside the title box. Type or paste in the subtitle text, then close the title box.

Step 4

Right-click the track to add the subtitles to the timeline. Click "Add tracks" and "OK."

Step 5

Click the title box file icon and drag it onto the timeline to the position where the subtitles should appear. Release the mouse button to insert the subtitles onto the track.

Step 6

Drag the left and right edges of the subtitle box to fine-tune the duration of how long the subtitles will appear on screen.

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps to add additional subtitles in other positions within the video.