How to Make the Font Larger While Viewing Websites

By Contributing Writer

There may be times when website owners choose small fonts for their web text, making it harder for the viewer to read the site. As a viewer, learning how to make the font larger will not only help you read the text, but may also help you avoid eye strain. Discover the steps to make the font larger on websites, and thereby make online reading more enjoyable.

Step 1

Open a web browser window on Firefox. Sometimes, you may be browsing a website using a browser embedded in other applications, such as in RSS readers or word processors, but to be able to resize the font, you need to open a stand-alone browser window.

Step 2

Locate the top menu of the web browser. Click on "View" and then hover your pointer on "Zoom." Click on the "Zoom text only" option. Clicking this will set the pictures on a fixed size and only zoom the text.

Step 3

Click on "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out." Look at the website while clicking on these options, and you will see that the text becomes larger. You may zoom in or out, depending on your desired font size.

Step 4

Click on "Reset" to go back to the default size. If you have over-enlarged or over-minimized the text, you may need help in reverting to the default size. Resetting the text size will enable you to start from the original text size intended by the web designer.

Step 5

Learn the shortcut. You may need to learn shortcuts to make your online browsing more smooth. For Windows computers, click "CTRL" and the plus sign at the same time to make the font larger, or "CTRL" and the minus sign to make it smaller. For Apple users, replace "CTRL" with the Apple key.