How to Make Things Bold on Facebook Comments

By Erin McManaway

Facebook does not natively support the use of bold font or formatted text in posts made to your wall, your friend's wall or to Facebook groups. However, you can install the Bold Text Facebook application to enable basic text formatting on your wall posts. Facebook has approved this app and has listed it in Facebook's application directory.

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account and navigate to the Bold Text Facebook application.

Step 2

Click the "Go to App" button, then click the "Allow" button to give the app permission on your Facebook account. Once this has installed, you will see a new form where you can type your wall comments and updates.

Step 3

Select the output location from the drop-down menu. You can send a comment to your own wall, to a friend's wall or to a Facebook group wall.

Step 4

Type your message in the "Message" text box. The message will be in bold-face type automatically and you will see a preview of your text below the text box.

Step 5

Select any other formatting options you would like to use such as underline, italics, cloudy, boxy or square text. You can also flip your text upside down.

Step 6

Click the "Send" button to post the comment on Facebook.

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