How to Make Toshiba My Homepage

By Willa Dunn

Many people have sites they visit more often than others. Toshiba may be one of your favorites. Set this page as a homepage, and it will be the site you see when you launch your browser. You will also be able to return to it with the click of a button after going to another site. Various web browsers use a similar method to accomplish this.

Step 1

Navigate to the Toshiba site (see Resources) in the browser.

Step 2

Click "Tools" in the toolbar, and then "Options" or "Internet Options." The browser you use may have an icon instead. For instance, Google Chrome displays a tool icon. Click the icon and then "Options." On the "General" or "Basics" tab, click the "Use Current" or "Use Current Pages" button. Click the "OK" or "Close" button.

Step 3

Click "OK" or "Close." The browser will open to the Toshiba website upon launch. Clicking the "Home" button or "Alt+Home" will also open the site.