How to Make Your Acer One Aspire Run Faster

By Michael Wallace

If you've loaded too many programs on your Acer Aspire One laptop, chances are it's overloaded the memory and is running slower than usual. Fixing the problem requires removing the two memory modules and replacing them with new ones. Not only will this allow your computer to run faster, but it will also improve overall performance. And because the memory is located in an easily accessible compartment just about anyone can do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Step 1

Power off your Acer Aspire One and remove the power cable. Close the display and turn the unit over.

Step 2

Locate the memory compartment on the bottom of the computer. It is the largest compartment on the bottom of the computer because it also contains the Wi-Fi card and CPU.

Step 3

Remove the captive screws holding the compartment cover in place and remove the cover. Notice the two rectangular memory modules in the compartment.

Step 4

Spread the retaining tabs at either end of the first module outward and the module will pop slightly out of the compartment. Remove it and repeat the step with the second module.

Step 5

Fit a new module into the compartment and press down until the tabs lock in place. Fit another module in the remaining compartment.

Step 6

Replace the compartment cover and screws.