How to Merge Cell Contents in Excel 2007

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Microsoft Excel 2007 allows you to merge two or more cells by rows or columns. For example, you can insert a title centered in a long merged cell across the top of multiple columns. Excel 2007 offers a "Merge & Center" command with three choices: Merge & Center, Merge Across and Merge Cells. The "Home" tab on the command Ribbon allows you to format the merged cell for a custom look on the worksheet.

Step 1

Open the Excel worksheet.

Step 2

Click the "Home" tab on the command Ribbon.

Step 3

Click and drag on the two or more cells to merge. A heavy black outline will form around the selected cells. The column headers above the outlined cells will turn a different color.

Step 4

Click the down-arrow for the "Merge & Center" command in the "Alignment" group. The drop-down menu offers three merge formats: Merge & Center, Merge Across, Merge Cells. "Merge & Center" centers the text within the larger cell. "Merge Across" retains the left-aligned text in the row. "Merge Cells" unites the cells and keeps the data from the upper-left cell.

Step 5

Click on one merge format. The cells will merge to appear as one larger cell. The heavy black outline will disappear.

Step 6

Save this worksheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • To unmerge the cells, click on the "Merge & Center" drop-down menu. Click on "Unmerge Cells." The merged cell will separate into multiple cells.
  • If data is already entered into two or more selected cells, the "Merge" command will retain data for only the upper-left cell. Try merging the empty cells before entering the data.