How to Merge Outlook 2007 Contacts

By Contributing Writer

Merging contacts from your Microsoft Outlook 2007 software is a simple process that can save you a significant amount of time and energy when done properly. There will most likely come a time when you will have multiple sets of contacts on your computer, sometimes including duplicates, and will want to consolidate those contacts into one easy-to-use list.

Step 1

Open your Microsoft Outlook 2007 software and allow the program to fully load and check for new messages. Once the program has fully loaded, drag all the items in Outlook that contain relevant contact information and place them all into the folder marked "Contacts," on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2

Allow the program's automatic duplicate detection system to determine if you have any duplicate contacts in your "Contacts" folder. If a message comes on screen asking if you would like to merge contact information from two pieces of data with the same information, click "Yes" and it will consolidate the contacts into one folder. Repeat this process until all your duplicate contacts are merged into one folder.

Step 3

Select the option marked "Table View" to see your contacts in descending order according to the last time they were edited. Select all the contacts that were just modified in the previous step, right click the mouse and choose the option marked "Category." Add a category name that fits with the contacts that are present in this folder and click "OK." Your folder is now complete and your contacts are merged into one list.