How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace and Hide the Cords

By Crystal Bonser

A flat screen television mounted to the wall not only saves space, but it also creates a clean and modern look. Normally, the television cords can be hidden behind a casing that runs down the length of the wall. That being said, if you plan on mounting your television over a fireplace, you will need to hire an electrician to install a power outlet behind where the television will hang.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall mount kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill

Step 1

Purchase a wall-mount kit suitable for the wall to which you will be attaching it (for example, drywall or concrete) and strong enough for the weight of your television.

Step 2

Screw the mounting arms found in your wall-mount kit to the mounting holes in the back of your flat screen television. Make sure not to screw the screws in too tightly as this can damage the screws or the mounting holes and cause the monitor to become loose.

Step 3

Use a stud finder to locate the studs to which you will need to attach either end of your wall mount. Once you have found them, mark them with a pencil.

Step 4

Tape the mounting template found in most wall-mount kits to your pencil marks.

Step 5

Hold a level over the template to make sure it is straight. If it is not, make the necessary adjustments.

Step 6

Measure from the floor up to where you want your wall mount to sit and mark the height on either side of your mounting template. This will be where your top mounting holes are made.

Step 7

Use the gird on your mounting template to mark where the bottom mounting holes will be made.

Step 8

Use a power drill to make mounting holes in your wall, over the pencil marks and through the template.

Step 9

Remove the mounting template from your wall.

Step 10

Secure the wall mount to the wall with the bolts that came in your kit, beginning with the top mounting holes. Again, don't over-tighten the bolts.

Step 11

Press your wall mount's decorative end covers into place (if included in your kit.)

Step 12

Hire an electrician to install a power outlet and a cable outlet directly above or below your wall mount, making sure it is in a location that will be concealed by your television.

Step 13

Use a screwdriver to turn the locking mechanisms on either side your your wall mount towards you. This is the unlocked position.

Step 14

Connect all the necessary wires to the back of your television.

Step 15

Plug all the necessary wires into the power outlet and cable outlet that your electrician installed.

Step 16

Ask a friend or family member to help you lift your television onto the wall mount. The arms connected to the back of your television should be sitting securely on the wall mount's top and bottom rails.

Step 17

Use a screwdriver to turn the locking mechanisms on either side of your wall mount back to their original positions. This is the locked position.