How to Move Contacts From a Cell Phone to an iPhone

By Emile Heskey

One of the major strengths of the iPhone is its ability to sync with other pieces of technology; and while it is difficult for an iPhone to sync with another cell phone, both can be synced with your computer. Transferring contact data from a previous phone onto your computer saves having to manually enter new numbers. You have two options for syncing old cell phones with iPhones: for previous phone providers other than AT&T, a computer is needed; but for previous AT&T customers, a computer is not necessary.

Step 1

Insert your SIM card from your old phone into your iPhone and select "settings" followed by "Mail/Calendar/Contacts" if the old phone service was provided by AT&T. Then select "Import SIM Contacts" and finally "SIM Import." If you have an AT&T phone but this doesn't work, the AT&T store will transfer your data for free.

Step 2

Connect your old phone to your computer using a USB data cable if the phone service was not provided by AT&T. These usually come with most phones; but if you have lost yours, they can be bought from a phone shop.

Step 3

Download and install DataPilot software on your computer(see Resources). As of October 2010, it costs $29.95 and works with almost all phone types.

Step 4

Import the phone contacts using DataPilot. Create a folder in Microsoft Outlook called "Contacts" or something that will be easy to remember. In DataPilot, click "File" and "Export Addressbook." Then select Microsoft Outlook and the folder you created earlier.

Step 5

Disconnect your old phone from the computer and replace it with your iPhone. iTunes will now launch. In the "Info" tab, check "Sync contacts with" and select "Outlook." Click "Apply" and then click "Sync." Depending on the number of contacts, this may take a while. When it is finished, unplug your iPhone and your contacts should be updated.