How to Move Music From an iPod Touch to iTunes

By Jasmine Carpenter

Before you can move music from an iPod Touch to Apple iTunes, you will need to make the hidden music files visible. After you connect your iPod to your computer, Windows will recognize it as a removable external device and install the drivers that are needed to run the device on your computer. You will need to make some changes to the settings on your iPod. Then, you can import your music files into iTunes quickly.

Step 1

Connect your iPod Touch device to your computer. Plug the USB cable that came with the device into an available USB port.

Step 2

Double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Check to make certain that your computer recognizes the device as a "Removable Disk" drive.

Step 3

Double-click the iPod icon to open Windows Explorer. Click on "Tools" on the menu bar, and select the "Folder Options" from the drop-down menu list. Click the "View" tab. Under the "Hidden files and folders" section, click the radio button next to the option "Show hidden files and folders." Press the "OK" button.

Step 4

Open your Windows Explorer browser to view the hidden files on your iPod Touch. Click on "Organize" and then "Folder and Search Options." Click on the "View" tab. Enable the option "Show The Hidden Files And Folders." Press the "OK" button. A folder name "Ipod_Control" will appear on your iPod Touch.

Step 5

Click the folder to open it. Inside the folder are three hidden folders: Device, iTunes, and Music. Right-click the "Music" folder. Select "Properties" and disable the check box next to "Hidden," and press the "Apply" button. A popup window will appear on the screen. Click the radio button next to "Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files." Press the "OK" button. The music files on your iPod Touch will be visible for iTunes.

Step 6

Import the songs on your iPod Touch to Apple iTunes. Use the "Consolidate" features on iTunes. If you're using iTunes 7, check to make certain that your iPod is set to manual update. Click the "Edit" tab, and select "Preferences." Choose "iPod" and then "Music." Enable the check box next to "Manually manage music."

Step 7

Click "File" from the menu bar, and select the option "Add Folder To Library." Double-click the iPod icon again, and you will see a music folder. When the music files color changes to blue, select the "OK" button. In a few moments, all your music files on your iPod will be imported into your Apple iTunes library.

Step 8

Unplug the USB cable on your iPod Touch from your computer.