How to Open a RAR File

By Techwalla Contributor

A RAR file is a compressed archive file similar to a ZIP file. To open a RAR file, you must have a RAR extraction program. This software utility will unpack and expand the files within the RAR archive. Some operating systems come with native support for RAR files, but if your computer does not include such a tool, you can download a RAR extraction program free from the Web.

Things You'll Need

  • RAR file
  • Free RAR Extract Frog (or comparable program) installed

Step 1

Download Free RAR Extract Frog and install the program on your computer. If you already have a RAR extraction program installed on your computer, skip this step.

Step 2

Launch Windows Explorer and locate the RAR file that you wish to open. You can open the RAR file using any of the three methods described below.

Step 3

Right-click on the RAR file and select "Extract!" from the context menu. The RAR file opens.

Step 4

Double-click on the RAR file. The RAR extractor utility auto-starts and opens the RAR file.

Step 5

Launch Free RAR Extract Frog or your existing RAR extraction program. Return to Windows Explorer and click on the RAR file, then drag and drop it onto the RAR extraction program window. The RAR file is opened.