How to Open an Online Radio Station

By UzoO

Online radio stations have become quite popular, with both traditional and non-traditional types of media bringing content streams to the Internet. The low cost of running and operating an online radio station has also made the platform popular among those interested in sharing their opinions, songs or other forms of content. You can launch your own station with the right online service provider.

Step 1

Choose an online radio hosting service to register or sign up. There are many choices, both free and at a cost. Consider features when choosing a provider. These will include the number of live listeners you can have at one time and whether copyrighted music fees are covered as a part of a subscription.

Step 2

Download and install the software required by your service provider. For Ubroadcast, you must download "Station Manager." For Shoutcast, you need to download Winamp and the required plug-in. And with Live 365, "Studio365" is required. The software comes with your registration or is free of charge.

Step 3

Configure your software or online station account to your liking. For certain hosting services this will include naming your station, listing your station's musical genre or scheduling live shows, as in the case with Live 365's software.

Step 4

Move songs to the software program you installed or, as with Live 365, upload your songs to your account through the software program.

Step 5

Create a play list from the collection of songs you made available to your software program. Your play list should include enough music to cover the number of hours you would like your radio station to stream music.

Step 6

Launch your play list or other programming to inaugurate your online radio station.