How to Open MPP Files

By Susan Reynolds

Are you looking for a way to open a Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) file without having to buy the expensive MPP software? There is a type of free software that you can download to open and view your MPP file. Microsoft Project Plan is a type of software that allows you to organize, track and maintain projects. MPP files can only be opened by a few different types of software, most of which cost hundreds of dollars. If you only need to view the files and not edit them, you can use a free software download.

Step 1

Visit the KaDonk website. This website allows you to download or buy programs that will allow you to open and edit MPP files.

Step 2

Click on "Get Free Viewer."

Step 3

Enter you name, email, phone number and company information and hit "Enter."

Step 4

Click on the link that says "Download."

Step 5

Click on "Save File" to start downloading. The program is almost 30 megabytes.

Step 6

Install the program and then attempt to open the MPP file.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will need to buy a program from KaDonk if you wish to edit the MPP file.

References & Resources