How to Peak and Tune a Cobra 29 Myself

By Michael Wallace

Performing a peak and tune on your Cobra 29 CB radio will ensure it is broadcasting on the proper frequency, as well as ensure optimum signal strength. A radio store usually does this when you purchase a CB from them -- but if you bought your CB secondhand -- you can do it yourself.

Step 1

Close the doors and windows of your car to prevent interference and plug a Standing Wave Ratio meter into the input jack on the front of your CB transceiver unit.

Step 2

Turn the car key in the ignition, so the electrical system in the car comes on and turns on your CB radio. Set it to channel one.

Step 3

Key the CB radio by pressing the button on the side of the mic, and turning the knob on the front of the CB labeled "Set," until the needle above the knob is the highest it will go.

Step 4

Use the controls on the front of your SWR meter to set the unit to "REF."

Step 5

Set the CB to channel 40 and key the unit again. The needle above the "Set" dial should be in the same place it was when you keyed the unit on channel one. If it isn't, adjust the needle so that it is in the same place. Once this is done, the CB will be peaked and tuned.

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