How to Ping & Pinpoint a Cell Phone

By Brian Massey

With Global Positioning System technology, it's possible to determine the location of a cell phone by pinging it and triangulating the location. The reasons to ping a phone are many and varied. You may want to verify your child's location, keep track of your spouse or find your own missing cell phone. Regardless of the reason, however, performing the actual pinging and pinpointing a cell phone's location takes a bit of outside help and may be illegal if you don't go through the proper channels.

Step 1

Acquire the phone's number. If you wish to find out where a cell phone is located by pinging it, you first need to know the number assigned to it. This can be found out by asking the person. Or, if it's your phone, you can call your service provider and ask for the number associated with your phone (if you don't already know it).

Step 2

Ask the cellular phone service provider to pinpoint your phone. Because phones automatically ping when they are turned on and when they make calls, you don't have to initiate any type of ping and can simply ask to have them located.

Step 3

Supply any information or get consent from the owner of the cell phone and acquire the cell phone's location. If you can't get the consent or the correct information, move on to the next step.

Step 4

Determine if the cell phone has a GPS tracking chip. All U.S.-manufactured cell phones made after 2005 have a GPS tracking device. This became standard due to the events of 9/11.

Step 5

Find a GPS tracking service. There are many online that require payment to use, such as AccuTracking, and some are free, like BuddyWay.

Step 6

Install the software that came from the tracking service's website onto the phone or phones you wish to trace.

Step 7

Log in to the website of your tracking service and get the coordinates for the phone. Some sites offer more statistics, such as recent locations, the amount of battery power and the current route if the cell phone is moving.