How to Play AMR Files in Media Player

By Wayne Howard

AMR is a file format normally associated with cell phones such as the Sony Ericsson. Trying to get these files to play on your computer can take a bit of figuring out. Players such as Real Player and QuickTime can play these files by default but you can make it so your Windows Media Player can also.

Things You'll Need

  • K-Lite Codec Full Pack

Step 1

Download the K-Lite Codec Full Pack (See resources.) Open the installation file and click "Next."

Step 2

Select "Simple install" and click "Next." You can optionally enable DXVA hardware acceleration but it is not required to play your AMR files. Read the description of DXVA, make your decision and click "Next."

Step 3

Associate your files with Windows Media Player and click "Next." You can select all video and audio files extensions or scroll down the right list and select "AMR." Click "Next" then "Next" again. Select your speaker configuration then click "Next." Review all your choices and click "Install." Once installation is complete, close out of the installation.

Step 4

Navigate to your AMR file, double-click it and it will open in Windows Media Player and begin to play.