How to Play Videos From a Mac to a TV

By Jason Taetsch

Macintosh computers come with technology to transmit video to external monitors, including TVs. Use the DVI port on the side of your Mac in conjunction with the VGA port on your TV to make the connection between the devices. VGA cables do not transmit audio, however you can still listen to the audio out of your computer speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac DVI to VGA adapter
  • VGA cable

Step 1

Locate the DVI port on the side of your Mac and the VGA port on the rear of your TV.

Step 2

Insert one end of the VGA cable into your TV's VGA port and secure the two screws on either side of the cable.

Step 3

Connect the DVI to VGA adapter to the other end of the VGA cable and insert the adapter end into the Mac's DVI port. Your Mac automatically detects the cable and begins transmitting video.

Step 4

Press the "Input" or "TV/Video" button on your TV remote to select the appropriate VGA input. The image from the Mac's screen appears on the TV.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your TV has other inputs, such as HDMI, you can purchase a different video adapter to convert the DVI signal into another format.
  • You can change display options, including options for the video is transmitted to the TV, on your Mac by selecting "System Preferences" from the Apple menu.