How to Post a "For Sale" Ad on Craigslist

By Angela Tague

If you don't have the time or location to host a rummage sale, you can try selling unwanted items on the internet. The basic, user-friendly interface of Craigslist makes it simple for you to post text and photos of items for sale. After snapping a few digital photos of the item for sale and uploading them to your computer, you're mere minutes away from posting a sale ad on Craigslist. The website does not charge listing fees or commissions when you're selling an item.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital camera

Step 1

Click the "My Account" link on the left side of the Craigslist homepage.

Step 2

Type your email address or Craigslist handle in the corresponding text box in the center of the page.

Step 3

Enter your password. Click the "Log In" button.

Step 4

Click on the arrow of the drop-down box labeled "Post new ad in:" to choose the Craigslist location where you want your ad posted. Click the "Go" button next to the text box.

Step 5

Click the circle next to the "For Sale" option under the "What type of posting is this:" heading. Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6

Click the circle in front of the desired category, then click the "Continue" button. This opens a blank ad template.

Step 7

Fill in the "Posting Title" box with the name or type of item for sale. Type a price in the corresponding box. Fill in the "Location" box with your city and state.

Step 8

Tick the circle next to "Hide" to make your email address invisible or choose "Anonymize" to have Craigslist create an anonymous email for buyers to user to contact you.

Step 9

Fill in the "Posting Description" box with details about the item for sale. Include specific information such as measurements, color, condition and how to contact you if you have chosen the "Hide" option for your email address.

Step 10

Click the "Add/Edit" images link to add photos to your ad. Click the "Browse" button next to one of the photo upload icons to locate a photo on your computer hard drive to post. Repeat the photo upload process up to four times per ad.

Step 11

Press the "Continue" button to preview the layout of your ad. Check for spelling errors. Make sure you included a price, location and how the buyer should contact you.

Step 12

Click the "Edit Again" button to make changes. Click "Continue" to confirm and finalize your post by typing an encryption message into a text box. Ads usually appear on Craigslist within 15 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email when the post goes live.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always meet potential buyers in a well lit, busy public location. Never invite a stranger into your home or give them your work address to pick up an item.