How to Print Directly From Your iPhone

By Steven S. Warren

If you need to print a document, PDF or email, but don’t have a computer nearby, you can use your iPhone to send jobs to any wireless printer. The ability to print from an iPhone has since been blocked by Apple; but with the help of a third-party app and a network connected printer, printing from the iPhone can be made easy.

Step 1

Make sure your wireless printer is connected to a current Wi-Fi network in the area. A printer that is hardwired to the same network as your Wi-Fi router will also work.

Step 2

Make sure your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network as your printer.

Step 3

Purchase and install the Print n Share application for your iPhone.

Step 4

Open Print n Share on your iPhone.

Step 5

Press “Email Account” and set up an account.

Step 6

Navigate to an email with a document attachment.

Step 7

Open the attachment and press the printer icon.

Step 8

Choose your wireless or network printer from the list of recognized machines and press "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • Email is not the most straightforward to way to access files using this application. With a cloud computing service, such as Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs, or access to a WebDav account, the Print n Share application becomes much more powerful. Any document on your cloud storage can be accessed through the application and printed. The application also allows you to print webpages and photos saved to your phone. You can even paste text from another application into Print n Share and create a printable document.