How to Print the Screen in Word 2007

By Jay Leon

Often the best way to explain how a computer program works is with pictures. With complex software such as Microsoft Office Word 2007, pictures are especially helpful. To take a screen shot of Word in action, you use the screen capture command known as "Print Screen" on the keyboard. The capture can then be inserted in a document or copied and edited in an external graphics editor such as Microsoft Paint.

Step 1

Open an existing document or create a new one in Word 2007.

Step 2

Press "Print Screen" on the keyboard to capture the entire screen. To capture only the active Word 2007 window rather than everything you see on-screen, press the "Alt" key at the same time.

Step 3

Click the "Start" menu and type "Paint" in the search bar. Click "Paint" to launch Microsoft Paint.

Step 4

Click "Paste" on the "Home" tab to insert the screen capture you took of the Word 2007 window.

Step 5

Click the "View" tab on the Paint ribbon. Click "Zoom out" to see the whole screen capture.

Step 6

Click the floppy disk icon in the Quick Launch toolbar. Or click "Save As" via the blue Paint button. Save the screen capture as a new file.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to insert the screen capture directly into the same or other Word 2007 document after you create it, click "Paste" on the "Home" tab in Word 2007. This will insert the screen shot in the current document.