How to Print to a PDF in Adobe on Windows 7

By Alex Zang

You've probably seen hundreds of Portable Document Format items online. They come in all shapes and sizes -- ebooks, forms you can fill out, and instruction manuals. If you have the full version of Adobe, you can create your own PDFs to pass around. This can be handy for a company newsletter, or selling your own novel as a PDF through a website. The process of creating a PDF file using Adobe is similar to printing a regular file, with one important difference -- you don't make a physical copy of a PDF.

Step 1

Open your document in Adobe. Do this by clicking "File," "Open," then selecting the document you want to turn into a PDF. Wait for the document to load.

Step 2

Click "File" then "Print." Adobe will open up a dialog box. Note that it's important you click "File" then "Print" rather than clicking the regular "Print" button located in the toolbar, as this will not open the same dialog box in some versions of Adobe.

Step 3

Select "Adobe PDF" from the "Printer" dialog box. Once selected, you will need to name your PDF file and choose where you want to save it to. After you've finished doing this, click "Save." Your document will be printed to a PDF.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more graphics in your PDF, the larger it will be.