How to Print With Black Only Ink in MS Word

By Filonia LeChat

Microsoft Word, the word processing component of every version of the Microsoft Office Suite, transfers your thoughts to the screen for stories, business documents, letters, labels and other materials. To make an impact and assure your viewer the easiest readability for your document, keep all of your ink black on the white background. Black text or images on white is the easiest to distinguish, according to the University at Albany Libraries.

Step 1

Open Word, click the "File" tab and click "Open." Browse to the document to print in black ink and double-click the file name. The file opens in a new Word window.

Step 2

Highlight all of the text on the document by clicking the "Home" tab at the top of the screen, clicking the "Select" menu at the far right of the toolbar and clicking "Select All."

Step 3

Right-click the highlight and click "Font." Verify that "Automatic color" is the option under the "Font color" drop-down menu. If it is not, click the "Automatic" option. Any text that was not black changes to black.

Step 4

Right-click an image on the document and select "Format Picture." Click the "Picture Color" option, pull down the menu under "Recolor" and select one of the colored boxes, choosing from options such as grayscale, where your image will have black and shades of gray or pure black, where your image will be rendered in just black.

Step 5

Click the "File" menu and click "Print." Click the "Printer Properties" link to open a dialog box for your printer; options may be slightly different for every printer. Click the "Features" tab at the top of the screen and click the "Print in grayscale" button under the "Color options" section. Note that the small representation of a printed page in the top, right corner of the window changes to black, gray and white.

Step 6

Click "OK" to return to the print window. Turn on your printer and ensure you have paper and black ink. Nudge the "Copies" box up to the number of pages to print and click the "Print" button.