How to Print Word Documents on a Zebra Printer

By Contributing Writer

Labels and small cards can easily be printed with a Zebra printer. Zebra printers are specialized printers created to print labels, cards and small tags. If you have a Zebra printer for your business or for the home, you can use the software the comes with the printer to make your labels or you can use Microsoft Word to create your labels and print them on a Zebra printer. Microsoft Word can be configured to work with Zebra printers.

Things You'll Need

  • Zebra printer
  • Label sheets
  • Microsoft Word software

Step 1

Connect your Zebra printer to your computer through the DB-9 serial port. Install your Zebra printer on your computer. You may download the necessary driver from the Zebra Technologies website if your installation disk doesn't contain the drivers. Make sure you download the appropriate driver for your operating system and printer.

Step 2

Open the Zebra printer and load the label sheets. Make sure that the sheets are securely placed inside the Zebra printer since you want the information you print to be centered on the label sheets. Zebra Technologies sell its own label sheets, but you can also substitute the correct label sheets produced by another brand. This will set up the printer so you can focus on printing the labels later from Word.

Step 3

Launch Microsoft Word and click on the Tools menu. Under tools, select labels. A pop-up box will show prompting you to input the information you need on your label. This can be an address or a name. Make sure you choose the correct label size that corresponds to the right label sheet size.

Step 4

Specify the number of labels you need to be printed on one sheet. This can be a single label or multiple ones. Select the appropriate number of rows and columns. Click on "Full page of the same label" to have the information repeat across the rows and columns that you specified. Click OK.

Step 5

Click on "Labels" again under the Tools menu, and then click Print. Another pop-up box will show prompting you to select the correct printer. Select the Zebra printer that you configured at the beginning. Make sure that you also select the correct preset, depending on how dark you want the labels to print.