How to Put an iPhone in Restore Mode

By Billy Kirk

If your iPhone is acting up or simply not responding, you may need to launch recovery mode in an effort to restore your iPhone back to a previous, working state. In this situation, you will have to utilize the iPhone's "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons in order to engage recovery mode. Fortunately, this is a relatively swift process that requires no previous technical knowledge.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone 30-pin/USB connector cable

Step 1

Launch the iTunes application on your computer.

Step 2

Turn on your iPhone.

Step 3

Take your iPhone and connect it to your computer using the 30-pin dock connector that comes with the iPhone. This is the white cable used for syncing. The other end of the cable is a traditional USB plug that inserts into one of your computer's USB ports. This end of the cable bears the universal USB plug symbol, so the cable is easily recognizable.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Home" button on your iPhone, which is the lone physical button at the bottom of the device. Also hold the "Sleep/Wake" button at the same time as the "Home" button. The "Sleep/Wake" button is on the top-right of your iPhone, along the upper rim of the phone. It is not located directly on the face like the "Home" button.

Step 5

Wait until your iPhone's screen goes completely dark. Release the "Sleep/Wake" button. Do not release the "Home" button.

Step 6

Continue holding the "Home" button until a message pops up in iTunes confirming that your phone is in Recovery Mode and is prepped for restoration. This usually takes about 12 seconds, but the time can vary slightly.

Step 7

Check your iPhone's screen. The phone's screen will no longer be completely black and will display an image that shows the iTunes logo and the dock connector cable. Keep the iPhone plugged in to your computer.

Step 8

Check the iTunes interface. Make sure your iPhone is selected on the left tab within iTunes, then look for a new option. The "Restore" option should now be available on this screen. Click the "Restore" tab to begin your iPhone's restoration process.

Step 9

Wait as the restoration process begins. Do not disconnect your iPhone from the computer until the process completes. There will be a progress bar on your iPhone that gives an indication of how long the restoration will take. When the process has completed, the progress bar will disappear and you will be able to reboot and enjoy your iPhone as before.