How to Put in Earphones

By Marie Bell

Earphones, also called earbuds, are used for personally enjoying music or other audio without disturbing those around you. Earphones, which are placed in the ears, often provide optimal audio and are discreet and easily portable, which make them convenient to use while exercising. There are two types of earphones that are put in the ears: Intra-concha and intra-canal earphones, so it is important to know the different methods for positioning them.

Step 1

Determine whether your earphones are intra-concha or intra-canal. Intra-canal earphones feature a rubber covering that surrounds the speaker. This rubber is meant to provide a seal once inserted into the ear. The intra-concha earphones are earbuds that sit inside the ear without a seal.

Step 2

Look at each earphone to determine whether it is for the right or left ear. Each earphone is designated as an "L" or "R" on the outside of the earphone.

Step 3

Insert the correct earphone into the corresponding ear. If you have intra-canal earphones, the rubber part of the earphone fits securely in your ear canal and is similar to an ear plug and allows for an optimal audio experience. If you have intra-concha earphones, place each one just inside of your ear only so far as it will not fall out.