How to Put Items on Craigslist

By Michael Batton Kaput

While dedicated sellers of products turn to eBay to auction off their goods online, Craigslist provides a great outlet for those looking to sell or give away items that cannot be shipped. By posting a classified ad on the Craigslist page for the city you live in, you can reach area residents who might be interested in buying an item or taking it off your hands. Craigslist postings are customizable; you can add a product description that outlines exactly how much you want to sell the item for, and the terms of sale. So if you've been staring at an old dresser for far too long, or have some auto parts you want to get rid of, a Craigslist classfied ad is free, easy to create and could be the perfect way to sell your item.

Step 1

Navigate to the Craigslist homepage and click on the city in which you want to sell your item.

Step 2

Click "Post to Classifieds."

Step 3

Click on the circle next to "For Sale" under the heading "What type of posting is this?" then click "Continue."

Step 4

Click on a category to classify your item. Options range from auto parts to jewelry.

Step 5

Click "Continue."

Step 6

Type a heading for your posting under "Posting Title." Use eye-catching language here; this heading is what appears when users search for items to buy.

Step 7

Type a price that you wish to sell the item for under "Price." Type a city and state in the "Specific Location" box if the item you are selling needs to be picked up from a location such as your home.

Step 8

Type your email address once in each box under the "Reply To" heading. Click on the circle next to "Anonymize" if you wish to mask your actual email address with a generic Craigslist email address. Responses will still go to the email address you type in, but that address will not appear in the posting.

Step 9

Type a short description of the item you are selling in the box marked "Posting Description." Keep this description short, sweet and heavy on your item's selling points. If the item is like new, mention that. Note any other unique attributes of the item you are selling.

Step 10

Click "Add/Edit Images" to upload a picture of the item to your posting. A picture is not necessary, but is encouraged for used items; others are more likely to buy an item they can verify visually is in the condition you say it's in. Click "Browse" to find an image on your hard drive and double-click on it to upload it to your posting.

Step 11

Click "Continue" when finished on this page. Review that the details of your posting are correct, then click "Continue" again.

Step 12

Log in to your email client and click on the link inside the email Craigslist sends you to confirm your ad posting and to publish it on Craigslist.