How to Put Videos on an iPod Touch

By Amanda Kondolojy

The iPod touch is an impressive piece of hardware that allows you to listen to music, play video games and watch videos. Although getting videos onto this device may seem like a daunting task at first, there are only a few simple steps involved. If you can put music on your iPod touch, then adding videos is just as easy.

Step 1

Find legal videos. There are three main sources for legal videos licensed for use on iPods and other digital devices: the iTunes store (where you can download them directly), digital copies of traditional DVDs and your own personal collection.

Step 2

Move your videos to iTunes. If the videos were downloaded directly from the iTunes store, skip this step as it has been done for you. If this is not the case, you will need to put all of the videos in a single folder (it is most convenient to put this folder on the desktop.) Once all your videos are together, open iTunes and select the "Add file to iTunes" command to import the videos from your folder to the iTunes program.

Step 3

Convert to MPEG-4. Popular video formats like AVI and WMV will need to be converted using the MPEG-4 format using the iTunes program before they will be compatible with your iPod touch. Simply select the videos you need to convert with a single click. Then right-click to pull up the iTunes sub-menu. From there click once on the convert option to begin the process. You can also drag the files into the iTunes conversion queue, which is on the right side of iTunes.

Step 4

Sync the videos with your iPod touch. Simply plug your iPod touch into your computer's USB port and wait for iTunes to recognize it. Then drag the video files you wish to have on your device over the iPod icon. The icon will change to a "syncing" status, and you will need to wait a few minutes for the process to complete. You can now eject the iPod and watch your videos on the go.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although the iPod Touch is the most popular model, it is not optimized for those who watch a lot of movies as the Touch model does not have a very large hard drive. If you have a lot of video footage you wish to have on the go consider buying an iPod classic, which can have up to 120GB of storage capacity, which translates to about 150 hours of video!
  • Although you may encounter Internet-based software that purports to allow you to download pirated movies on your iPod, doing so is illegal and can cause damage to your iPod if there is any type of malicious software attached.

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