How to Receive a Free Cell Phone and Free Monthly Minutes

By Techwalla Contributor

You may qualify for a free cell phone and free minutes. Yes, free and I mean free. Not a gimmick. This is money from a government program.You do not have to pay for this service or pay for anything.

Things You'll Need

  • Make a phone call
  • Apply on line.
  • W-2 if not receiving assistance

Step 1

You may qualify for a free cell phone and monthly minutes on lifeline phone program if you receive public assistance, or under 135% of the Federal Povery Guidelines. Example: If you are single and earn only $900.00/ month you qualify. You can fill out the application on line or call the number below.

Step 2

File your application at or call 1-800-977-3768. This service is currently available in Florida,Tennessee,Georgia,Massachusets,Michigan,New York,Pennsylvania. More states are being added to the list.

Step 3

If you receive Liheap,SSI,free school lunch, Tanf Cash assistance,Medicaid, Blind pension, Hud assistance and food stamps you will qualify. You will receive your phone in the mail and you can add minutes at the web site.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apply on line and complete the process.
  • Review the info. at the web address.