How to Record TV Shows to DVD

By James Clark

Hooking up a DVD recorder to a television signal makes it possible to copy TV programs onto a multimedia disc, which is an effective way to build collections of an entire series or simply to save programming for viewing at a more convenient time. Re-writable DVDs may cost more than one-use discs, but you can record over them many times, which will provide cost savings over the long run. The connection between DVD recorder, the TV and a source signal requires two sets of component AV cables.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 sets of component cables
  • Blank, recordable DVDs

Step 1

Connect the TV source signal, such as a cable or satellite receiver, to the DVD recorder by plugging the red, green and blue cables from the Video OUT jacks on the receiver to the Video IN jacks on the DVD recorder. match the plugs to the jack colors.

Step 2

Hook up the white and red audio plugs on the component cables from the Audio OUT jacks on the receiver to the Audio IN jacks on the DVD recorder.

Step 3

Connect the second set of component cables from the AV OUT jacks on the DVD recorder to the AV IN jacks on the back of the TV.

Step 4

Turn on the components and open the tray on the DVD recorder by pressing the "Open" or "Eject" button. Insert a blank, recordable DVD and close the tray.

Step 5

Tune the receiver box to the desired channel for recording, then press the "Record" button on the DVD recorder a few seconds before the start of the show. DVD recorders typically require a few seconds to get up to speed to begin recording. Press "Stop" when finished.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wait for the DVD recorder to complete the finalization process at the end of a recording session before removing the disc. The recorder will finalize (encode) the disc for playback on other devices when the recording is complete.
  • Disconnect the TV and DVD recorder from the electricity when hooking up the two components.