How to Recover an Excel 2007 File

By Amy Dombrower

Microsoft Office provides a couple ways to prevent you from losing your work. In Microsoft Excel 2007, along with PowerPoint and Word, a document recovery task pane will open in the event that the program closes abnormally. It will allow you to recover up to three versions of a document you were working on. And to prevent further loss, Excel 2007 will let you enable an AutoRecover feature. AutoRecover will automatically save your data and the program state at regular intervals. If the program closes unexpectedly, you have a system crash or power outage, you can recover your work as well as the layout and view of multiple Excel workbooks.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel 2007

After an Excel Crash

Step 1

Restart Microsoft Excel 2007. You may also need to restart your computer if you had a system crash or power outage. The document recovery task pane should automatically open on the left side of the screen.

Step 2

Scroll through the documents in the "Available Files" list. Excel will try to recover up to three versions of the document you were most recently working on.

Step 3

Select a file from the list. Click the down-arrow icon.

Step 4

Click "Open" to view the recovered document. If you know you want to keep the file, click "Save as" to rename it. Click "Delete" if you want to delete the particular file. Save the recovered file that is most useful.

Avoid Losing Data

Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel 2007.

Step 2

Click the "Microsoft Office Button."

Step 3

Click "Excel Options."

Step 4

Click the "Save" link.

Step 5

Select "Save AutoRecover Information Every x Minutes." Enter the number of minutes in the "Minutes" list. This will be how often Excel will automatically save your work and program state.

Tips & Warnings

  • AutoRecover should be used as a safety net. Save your work on your own as often as possible. If you accidentally close without saving, Excel will only be able to recover the information that was previously saved. The document recovery task pane will only launch if Excel suspects it closed unexpectedly.